Volume 6 Issue 1 – “We’re Over Halfway There!”

Volume 6 Issue 1 – “We’re Over Halfway There!”

We’re Over Halfway There!

We are your missionaries and we need your help.

After completing our first itineration cycle and language school we moved to Argentina in May 2009. In our first 2 years there we worked with the majority of the missionaries
on various projects. Most amazing of all the Lord let us plant a TV & Radio station in San Isidro, Buenos Aires broadcasting daily to over 170,000 people.

All of this God let us do on a 2-year budget with no work funds. Even our last 6 months on the field we struggled daily to have enough money
to pay our bills and buy food but God provided every time we needed Him to. We can only dream of what we will do with a full work budget.

Please help us return to Argentina as we go back to continue our work in Media Missions.

We will be working with a network of AG churches that have started TV & Radio stations and more importantly we will be working with
the River Plate Bible Institute starting a “Media Ministry” degree program. Rocky & Sherri Grams are excited with us as we
begin to sow seeds of creativity into the hearts of the Pastors and Missionaries of tomorrow in a school of nearly 500 students.

We have 5 months left to raise $30,000 in cash offerings and $3,500 more in monthly support.

We know we are facing a giant but we know that more than that God has called us to do His work and He will provide.

Will you pray and ask Him if He will have you be a part of the miracle we need?

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Click Here to setup a Reoccurring charge card.

Thank you for enabling us to fulfill God’s calling on our lives.

Your Missionaries to Argentina,

The Wellborns

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