Volume 6 Issue 3 – “We’re at 80%…Help Ship Us Out!”

Volume 6 Issue 3 – “We’re at 80%…Help Ship Us Out!”

We’re at 80%…Help Ship Us Out!

One year ago today we put all our belongings in storage and put our lives on hold in Argentina to return to the USA for a year of furlough, family and fundraising. It has been an incredible year of being with many congregations, friends and family but now we are ready to get back to work in Argentina.

After driving over 48,309 miles we have had the opportunity to see many familiar faces and meet many new friends. We also recovered from our first-term debt and started building towards our second term budget.

Unfortunately, as of this morning we are only at about 80% of our budget and we desperately need your help to finish raising the remaining 20%.

Our hearts are in the advancement of the kingdom in Latin America and now we just need to get our family back to work. We would love to get back so the girls could start school in September.

If you do not support us monthly would you consider helping us so we can continue to educate and broadcast media ministry in Argentina & Latin America?

If you do support us, would you consider “giving us a raise” to help us get back to Argentina?

Will you be a part of the miracle we need to get back to work? 

Click Here to give a 1-time offering donation.

Click Here to make an on-going monthly commitment.

Click Here to setup a Reoccurring charge card.

Or just e-mail us back at jonathan.wellborn@agmd.org

Thank you for partnering with us to win souls for Jesus in Argentina!

Your Missionaries to Argentina,



The Wellborns

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