Volume 6 Issue 4 – “The Drought is Over!”

Volume 6 Issue 4 – “The Drought is Over!”

The drought is over!

Dear Supporters, Family and Friends,

Across the USA this past week, temperatures have soared into triple digits.  Here in Springfield yesterday, it even got up to 108 degrees.  But today, a large cloud gathered in the sky behind our house, and then it broke and sent a downpour of refreshing rain over our home.  I turned off the air conditioner, and enjoyed the break in temperature.

This morning I asked God for a sign TODAY, and He sent it to me.

The drought is over!

This morning, my sister Kim told me that the Lord showed her a vision for us.  She was praying and was about to stop, but the Holy Spirit told her to keep praying; He was showing her something.

She saw on top of us what looked like a cloud.  In that cloud, God was gathering up all of His resources and blessings, and was about to pour them over us.  He said that there was spiritual opposition to us getting back to Argentina.  But He was going to use us in a mighty way, and we needed to get there as soon as possible. The season of drought was about to end.   His Holy Spirit was pouring over us with blessings from Heaven.  In fact, it was a downpour!  He said… “tell them that the drought was being lifted.”

In our last e-mail, we wrote that we were at 80% in our budget.  But Praise God, He has promised us that 100% is being poured over us.  More than 100% of blessings.

When I was a teenager, I remember seeing my first miracle, working with a King’s Castle team in Honduras.  We stopped at a school for the deaf to do a program.  It was really a step of faith doing a program to music that the students couldn’t even hear, but they could see our movements and feel the vibrations of the music.  But that’s not why God had us stop at the deaf school.  He had greater plans.  That day 9 deaf children were healed before my eyes!  From that day forward I have believed that God can do anything!

I know that God wants to use us in the miraculous in Argentina.  Back in the 1980’s, Argentina experienced a tremendous move of the Holy Spirit with a great outpouring.  God wants to do that again, and I believe that we are going to be a part of it.

We are standing at the Red Sea of Finances right now.  But God is about ready to part the Sea for us to move ahead.  We are walking between miracles.  Just like when I saw the 9 deaf children healed before my eyes, God is going to bring in the last 20% of our support so we can go back to Argentina.

Will you be a part of the miracle we need to get back to work?

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Thank you for being part of this miracle!

Your missionary to Argentina,

Michelle (Triplett) Wellborn

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