Volume 6 Issue 5 – “Our Final 100 Days!”

Volume 6 Issue 5 – “Our Final 100 Days!”

Our Final 100 Days!

Praise the Lord, we’re at 80% of our required budget!

We have driven all across the USA, over 60,000+ miles in our GMC Safari, and our kids have been in the back calculating the distance in how many movies it takes to get there.

The next 100 days we are stepping out in faith and praying that 100 people would step out with us and partner with us in pledging $25 a month, or more, so that when we leave by December 1st we will be fully-funded.


We have shared our heart in over 80 services and met with over 300 different pastors from Alaska to Florida…literally! God is doing amazing things in our ministry and we are ready to go back to Argentina to continue evangelizing and training Argentines!

This year we have had the privilege to be surrounded by both sides of our family, the Tripletts and the Wellborns. The entire Triplett family lives over-seas in foreign missions and we were given the gift of time together (all itinerating this year at the same time). Michelle’s parents, Don and Terri Triplett, were the first to go leaving for El Salvador in June. Then her sister, Kim Sobey, and family left for Nicaragua in August and just yesterday her final sister, Elizabeth, and family left for Asia. We watched each one of their financial miracles unfold and now we are believing for ours! AGWM has given us a deadline of December 1st.

The Sobeys                                                                                                              Elizabeth and her family

We pray that God blesses each and every reader of our emails as you read our weekly updates and stand with us in faith and prayer in our 100-day race to return to Argentina!

Please prayerfully consider being part of the miraculous support we need to continue reaching thousands and training hundreds through media ministry in Latin America!

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Your Missionaries to Argentina,

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