Volume 6 Issue 6 – “100in100 Update – Mi Rey Jesus”

Volume 6 Issue 6 – “100in100 Update – Mi Rey Jesus”

100in100 Update – Mi Rey Jesus

On a recent trip to Ohio, we stopped in St. Louis for dinner with a friend, professional musician Corbin Petersen, who has been one of my best friends since high school.

During dinner we talked about the many ways that God can use us in ministry. As we talked I couldn’t help but reflect on the summer Corbin spent in El Salvador working with us. We worked on many projects, but the one that has had the strongest staying-power is Corbin’s version of the King’s Castle theme song “Mi Rey Jesús.”

The song was one of those little side projects that we didn’t know if it would ever really be completed. Corbin worked on it off and on all summer, and when he left in August, the track sat on my computer for 4 months before we even thought about recording it.

We were preparing materials for the 2002 King’s Castle Cumbre (summit meeting) in Nicaragua when someone said, “Hey, we should do the Mi Rey Jesús track.” It was really kind of a last minute idea, but we were able to finish it for the volume of materials. Michelle sang lead vocals, I sang some background vocals, and Michelle’s sister Elizabeth rapped. On the 12-hour bus ride to Nicaragua, I listened to the track over and over again. The more I heard it, the more pleased I became with the final product. In Nicaragua, we gave copies out to every King’s Castle country to take home and share with their local teams.

As we shared a pizza with Corbin and his new wife, I told him that even though he has been in numerous bands and recorded dozens of songs, none of them would probably ever be heard by more people than “Mi Rey Jesús”. Literally, thousands of teams have presented that song to millions of people between all the King’s Castle teams; it has been recorded in at least 5 different languages. I told Corbin that his song has been used on at least 4 continents and has made its way down roads he will probably never travel.

The power of media ministry has taken our “small” projects and turned them into mighty tools to be used for the Great Commission. Just as 1 song has made its way around the world, we know that God is wanting to use our ministry to send hundreds of trained media ministers to accomplish His will!


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