Volume 6 Issue 7 – “We’ve arrived in Cuba!!! – 100in100 Update”

Volume 6 Issue 7 – “We’ve arrived in Cuba!!! – 100in100 Update”

We’ve arrived in Cuba!!! – 100in100 Update

Well, not physically anyway. About a week ago a team from El Salvador embarked on a missions trip to Cuba. Not only were they there to evangelize Cubans but also they partnered with the Cuba King’s Castle Ministry team to encourage, equip and train them in media ministry.

Many of you may remember Jairo, one of the key-members of the Communication Department in El Salvador; also featured in this video from our 3rd podcast in Costa Rica (Watch Video). Jairo was a part of the team that went to deliver a brand new computer, camera and iPod to be used for creating new evangelism materials in Cuba. Jairo spent the week working with the Castle staff training them (very much in the way I trained him) to film video, record audio, edit both, create graphics and produce new materials.

I had no idea but the Cuba King’s Castle Team had been praying that the Lord would provide a computer and the equipment they needed to produce materials. When I watched this testimonial video I couldn’t help but get choked up knowing we had been part of their miracle. (click to watch the video)

Words do not describe the joy I felt as I helped order the new system, had it delivered to my house and spent a couple days formatting and installing all the software they would need for production. This was one of those times in my life where I could just feel in my spirit that God was allowing me to be “a link in the chain” of something that would go way beyond me. Even as I sat and touched the laptop I couldn’t help but dream of everything the Lord would do with it.

It’s amazing to be apart of something so much bigger than yourself. All I can say is THANK YOU to our faithful support team; we literally can’t make it without you and we are excited to be apart of God’s Big Picture to save humanity!


Also, to give you an update on our “100 Pledges In 100 Days” Campaign, we are at 25 pledges in 40 days. We are a little behind schedule but so excited to see the miracle we know God has for us; ANY SIZE PLEDGE HELPS!

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Your Missionaries to Argentina,

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