Volume 6 Issue 8 – “Latin American Child Care – 100in100 Update”

Volume 6 Issue 8 – “Latin American Child Care – 100in100 Update”

Latin America Child Care – 100in100 Update

Today we are extremely excited to announce that Michelle has accepted the position of “Latin American Child Care Country Coordinator for Argentina”; now giving you hundreds of “pint-sized” reasons to help us, we need your support now more than ever! With 37 days remaining we are anxious and excited to see how the Lord is going to provide the miraculous funds we need to get back to Argentina!

For years we’ve worked with Latin American Child Care (LACC) in El Salvador, Costa Rica and Argentina. You can see a couple videos of that work in our Podcasts 02: Heredia04: Heredia and 05: Linda Vista.

A message from Michelle:

As a kid I grew up believing that the Great Commission was my Commission. I wanted to reach the world for Jesus; whatever it took I knew that I was called to GO.

I love kids…when I was a kid living in El Salvador I remember going with the Castle teams to minister in the LACC schools. I loved going to play with the kids, paint their faces, hug them, feed them and pray for their needs; I was a kid ministering to kids. I always remember going home with all their needs on my heart, many homes filled with neglect, abusive parents and extreme poverty. I would pray for the kids and find ways to minister to their needs. When we would leave the kids would always ask: “When are you coming back?” That was so hard, not knowing when we would return.

I remember when we didn’t have enough literature and “bolis” (like a popsicle) and we reached into the box without looking and God multiplied our resources; I grew up knowing the God of the impossible. I remember when a young girl with a cap on her head came up for prayer, all of her hair had fallen out due to chemotherapy, as we prayed we watched her hair grow so long it caused the cap to fall to the ground!

When we moved to Argentina 4 years ago I was asking God how I could minister to the children. I prayed for the Argentine children with my kids and asked God for an open door. About a week ago I accepted the position of LACC (Latin American Child Care) Country Coordinator for Argentina. Here are a couple hundred more reasons we need you to help us get back to the field! Our family is excited for the ministry possibilities! This will be something that we and our kids will be able to do as we reach out and help show God’s love to the children of Argentina, introducing them to the God of the impossible!

I re-read the other day a quote that has always kept me going, “In ministry first it’s difficult, then it’s impossible and then it’s done.” We still have to finish raising our budget. When we started out it seemed difficult and now it seems impossible but I can’t wait to get to Argentina and see it done!

We’re praying for the impossible, a December departure, to the God that specializes in the impossible!


To give you an update on our “100 Pledges In 100 Days” Campaign, we are at 31 pledges in 62 days, Praise The Lord things are moving along. Please help us meet our goal, ANY SIZE PLEDGE HELPS!

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Your Missionaries to Argentina,

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