Volume 6 Issue 9 – “Water from Rocks… – 100in100 Update”

Volume 6 Issue 9 – “Water from Rocks… – 100in100 Update”

Psalm 105:39-41: “He spread a cloud for a covering, and fire to give light by night. They asked, and he brought quail, and gave them bread from heaven in abundance. He opened the rock, and water gushed out; it flowed through the desert like a river.”

This morning during family devotions, we were talking to the girls about not clinging to the miracles of yesterday but rather, seeking the next miracles. We talked about when Alexis prayed for her dog and he was healed; and when Alexis prayed for a cripple lady confined to a wheel chair, and she jumped up and down bringing the whole village to church that night to hear God’s miraculous touch to her body (featured in our first podcast). Bella commented about when God provided for our needs one Easter, and when she prayed for pink and purple flowers in her new home in Argentina, that first spring in Argentina God grew pink and purple flowers over our back wall (featured in our Vol04 Issue01 eNews).

We asked the girls besides the miracles we have seen in the past, what specifically has God done for us this furlough. After a moments pause, the girls listed our car, our house, our school, our church services and being with family this year. We realized that each one of those things had been a miracle. Our car was given to us by our grandmother with no strings attached; we have an amazing deal on a rental home near family; the school’s principal is a missionary kid who has accommodated our hectic furlough schedule; we have been blessed by services all over the United States with our cash budget almost complete; and living by family has been a definite gift from God.

Just as God provided for the Israelites, He has and will provide for us. We are claiming our next miracle; returning to Argentina very soon.  It’s difficult for us to keep asking for help; however, our budget isn’t complete yet. We are still seeking the completion of this miracle.

Even as we sat here looking for words to write, we received an email from a church in Ohio who wants to join our missions’ team at $25 a month; God is amazing! His timing, His provision is unmistakable! Today we are waiting for Him to send manna from heaven, quail from the sky and water from rocks in the desert!


To give you an update on our “100 Pledges In 100 Days” Campaign, we are at 34 pledges in 77 days, Praise The Lord for new partners! Please help us meet our goal, ANY SIZE PLEDGE HELPS!

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Your Missionaries to Argentina,

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