Volume 7 Issue 2 – “Our Turn to Go!”

Volume 7 Issue 2 – “Our Turn to Go!”

Our Turn to Go!

It’s hard to believe that we have already been here in Buenos Aires for over a month. We had hoped to be settled into our own home by now but with the inflation of the Argentine economy and ballooning housing market we spent our first 6 weeks on a crazy Easter egg hunt trying to find an acceptable home in our price range. This past week we were blessed to find a wonderful home that’s within our budget! We were feeling discouraged seeing the limited options in our price range and then out of nowhere God gave us an awesome deal! We are especially excited to move in as we know we will be staying put for the next 4 years. This is our 11th move since we got married in 1999 and will be the first time we will live in a house for 4 years!
Click here for a video of our journey

The girls are happily adapting to their school with their friends from last term. When they went into their classes they were both greeted by many hugs and kisses from their friends. Joshua wants to go with them to school and I might just send him next year! We have been enjoying some of our favorite foods: French bread, milanesa and empanadas to name a few. The kids are getting back into the swing of speaking Spanish. They are ordering their own food, asking for directions and we are so proud of them; a big part of communicating in another language is trying! It was funny hearing them order ice cream and asking for Chocolate “Sucio” (dirty) instead of “Suizo” (swiss).  When we told them they just laughed and said, “Well, at least we are trying.”

We got here just in time for the first Sunday service at “Centro Cristiano Vida”; the church where Jonathan installed and developed the TV and radio station. He’s been actively planning ways to expand the station and work with other churches to do the same. God has been opening up many doors and we are walking forward.

Thank you for your support in getting us here! We count on your help each month to sustain us here throughout this next term. Please, if you haven’t already filled out a pledge form we need to make your support official. We still need to raise the last 9% of our budget; with the wild economy here we need to know we can count on a full work budget and enough rent money.

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Or just e-mail us back at jonathan.wellborn@agmd.org

Thank you again and again for enabling us to be sent out as missionaries; we are honored and blessed to share the gospel where the Lord leads us. Together we are changing lives throughout the world!

Your partners in multiplying the message through media,

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