Volume 7 Issue 3 – “Flooding at Centro Cristiano Vida”

Volume 7 Issue 3 – “Flooding at Centro Cristiano Vida”

Flooding at Centro Cristiano Vida

Our first Sunday back in Argentina we were so excited to be back just in time for the first Sunday morning service at Centro Cristiano Vida (Life Christian Center); the church where we helped start Radio Vida 107.3FM and Television Vida local channel 69. We rejoiced as nearly 30 people were in attendance and we felt like we had a part in kicking off this new ministry.

We filmed a podcast episode outside the church.

What we didn’t know as we filmed and began planning “phase 2” was that within a matter of days there would be a flood that would wash through the entire city of Buenos Aires. The radio station and recording studio is located in the basement of the facility and unfortunately took the brunt of the flooding. The entire studio was completely submersed in water and street-level windows gave way to the tremendous water pressure and filled the basement all the way up to the top of the stairs!

Thankfully, we arrived back in-country just in time to set up a temporary transmitting computer, and Radio Vida wasn’t off the air for more than that first day. God knew what He was doing, and we are once again honored to be a part of His plan. We are thankful as well that we did not have all the equipment installed yet, and it appears so far that no permanent damage was done.

Also, as a missionary, I have to say that as the radio station’s computer is being repaired, I am only able to set up a temporary computer because one of our supporters donated their old computer; even though I had forgotten I even had it lying around, it was there right when we needed it!

Thank you for believing in your missionaries, partnering with us financially, standing with us spiritually, and supplying us physically. Your support is what enables us to reach our world!

Your Missionaries with heart-felt gratitude,



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