Volume 7 Issue 4 – “Summer Ministry at Unsion TV in Cuenca, Ecuador”

Volume 7 Issue 4 – “Summer Ministry at Unsion TV in Cuenca, Ecuador”

Summer Ministry at Unsion TV in Cuenca, Ecuador

Last month, I was blessed with the opportunity to join my brother Josh and the Michigan District AIM team to minister with missionary Bill McDonald and the Unsion Television Network in Cuenca, Ecuador. For 10 days, we partnered with Bill’s national staff to minister in street evangelism, a week-long vacation Bible school, and participation in both youth and adult services, and on live-television broadcasting to over 35,000 people!

View a podcast with Bill McDonald from Unsion’s Master Control.

Unsion is one of the great Latin American Media Ministries and I was so excited to have the opportunity to spend some time in their studios observing and discussing the many ways we can share programming while emulating their format and technique at our local stations in Argentina. Thank you for your support which enables us to continue growing media ministry in Argentina and throughout Latin America.

Our wedding rings are even engraved with “From Cuenca to Eternity”.

When we were missionary associates in El Salvador, transitioning into full-appointment, the Unsion Television Network based in Cuenca, was one of the ministry teams we seriously prayed about
joining. In the end, we strongly felt God wanted us in Buenos Aires, and now, six years later, we can see part of the plan God had for us here in Argentina.

Prayer Requests

– Wisdom and workers with the Media Ministry Training Department at IBRP in Lomas de Zamora

– Continued blessing at Radio Vida and VidaTV in San Isidro

– Wisdom
 in our work with Latin American Child Care and seeking sponsorship for Argentine kids

– Health and protection
 over our family

– New supporting churches and individuals
 to help bridge the gap in our financial support
(we need enough to stay on the field a full 4 year term)

Please help us stay on the field and operate with a full-budget. Click Here to make an on-going monthly commitment (or to increase your current support; existing pledge will be automatically replaced)

Thank you for believing in us (your missionaries) partnering with us financially, standing with us spiritually, and supplying us physically. Your support is what enables us to reach our world!

Your Missionary to Argentina,













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