Volume 10 Issue 4 – “Merry Christmas from El Salvador”

Volume 10 Issue 4 – “Merry Christmas from El Salvador”

Merry Christmas from El Salvador!

As we make our way back to the USA for our 2017 itineration we are blessed to gather with the entire Don & Terri Triplett family in El Salvador for the first time with all 4 families together for Christmas in 8 years!

Unfortunately, due to Grandpa Loren Triplett’s failing health, we will be cutting our trip here short and returning to the USA on Tuesday. Please pray for our family at the heavy-hearted days ahead. The passing from this life to the next is an appointment we all have, one which we celebrate with him as we carry on the work of our heavenly father here on earth.

Please help us book a service with your congregation in 2017 so we can promptly return to our service in Argentina in January of 2018; we desperately need to fill our calendar so as to share our heart for missions with as many US churches as possible in the 365 days we have before we begin what will be our 18th year of overseas missionary service.

Please e-mail us now with your preferred dates at: jonathan.wellborn@agmd.org

Your Missionaries,


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