Volume 11 Issue 1 – “Why Not?”

Volume 11 Issue 1 – “Why Not?”

Why Not?

We have to raise around $2,500 in monthly support to get back to Argentina.

This is a God number that seems impossible to me, but I know that He specializes in the impossible. Our first itineration we raised this amount in one month. I know that God does what He wants, when He wants, how He wants. I know that everything is possible.

lorenmillie My grandparents, Loren & Milly Triplett,
raised all their support in one night. They
hadn’t even received all the approvals to go to
the field yet. And people pinned money to their
clothes, put car keys and jewelry in the
offering basket, and they received what they
needed to leave for Nicaragua back in 1953.


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The past couple months of itineration have been a tremendous blessing. Where we have been led by the Spirit, He has opened doors and shown up. Signs and wonders have been following us, and we believe that the best is yet to come.

The Lord told me before we came back to the States this itineration to trust Him, to do the things that I knew how to do, and that He would take care of the rest. I love Jesus with my whole heart and believe in the power of the Holy Spirit. I love to see people get excited about Jesus.

We have been stepping out in faith,
hungry for more of His presence. His love is contagious; the supernatural is exciting; there is so much power in the blood of Jesus; anything is possible!


We have been stepping out in faith, hungry for more of His presence. His love is contagious; the supernatural is exciting; there is so much power in the blood of Jesus; anything is possible!

An elderly man in one of our services with tears in his eyes said, “I remember when I felt the Holy Spirit move in this way when I was a teenager.”

Another elderly lady said, “You mean, God can use me to do the supernatural?”

We have seen so many miracles happen. There was a lady that came up to me after a service and asked me to give her a hug. I hugged her, and she shouted, “Whoa, did you feel that?” I said, “No,”  and she asked me to hug her again. I hugged her again, and she shouted the same thing and asked me if I felt anything. I said, “No.” Then she said that 2 years ago she had suffered from a stroke, and her hand had formed into a ball. When I hugged her God opened her hand and she could feel His presence go through her body; the Lord healed her through a hug!


girlspray My girls, Lexi and Bella, have been praying for people to be healed as well. They have prayed for back pain, stomach pain, hip pain, stiff necks, kidney pain, and have seen the Lord release healing into their bodies.  Lexi & Bella love to let God use them.



We have seen several children and adults baptized in the Holy Spirit. Its been exciting to see how the Lord works in each service. Each service is different; is unique.

The work continues in Argentina as we are away. Club Castillo has opened in two new Providences in Argentina, and the Media department at the bible school is larger than ever! God brought together a God-loving team in Argentina to be Jon and my hands and feet this year in our absence.

We need your help to get back to Argentina by January 2018. We have 9 more months, so much can happen in 9 months. I am believing for a God-sized miracle.

Itineration is like an Easter egg hunt, we have to find the eggs that all the children get excited about when they are searching. The eggs with money.

Recently, we were at a church in Emerald Coast, Florida and their theme this year is “Why not?”.  I believe that God is going to help us find the right Easter eggs, Why not?

Your Missionary,
Michelle Wellborn

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